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Orange Park FL: What Is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is one of the oldest and most effective methods of ridding patients of problematic veins. Vascular Surgery Associates offers sclerotherapy in Orange Park, FL to provide patients with a proven method that reduces symptoms like throbbing pain, and darkening vein appearance.

Our 25 years of experience combined with full-proof sclerotherapy ensures that our patients receive results that they are completely satisfied with. If you want sclerotherapy like this in the Orange Park area, then you can depend on the professional team from our office.

How Effective Is Sclerotherapy?

There is a reason that sclerotherapy has been a favored method of vein removal since the 1930's. Advances in medicine have only continued to add to the benefits that sclerotherapy has to offer, while it still remains one of the most reliable means of eliminating major and minor spider veins.

Up to 80% of veins being treated with sclerotherapy from our Orange Park, FL office can be eliminated following each session! These kinds of results make investing in sclerotherapy well worth it. You will see the majority of results 3 to 6 weeks after the procedure, while larger veins may take up to 3 months to respond fully.

Beautiful Legs in Orange Park, FL

Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

At Vascular Surgery Associates in Orange Park, FL, we most often use sclerotherapy for spider veins. We inject an FDA-approved solution into the spider vein with a very fine needle, which causes the vein wall to become sticky. As the patient wears the prescription-grade compression hose, the vein walls become glued together. Eventually, this causes the damaged vein to break down and the body to absorb it, altogether eliminating the vein. Sclerotherapy for spider veins can remove all noticeable signs of veins in as little as 2 weeks.

Complete Spider Vein Removal—Orange Park FL

Instead of surgically removing spider veins, Vascular Surgery Associates offers you a minimally invasive alternative. Our spider vein removal involves little outside force, as most of the work is completed naturally by your body. When you want spider vein removal in Orange Park that is almost completely painless, and involves no complicated recovery regime, then you should consider sclerotherapy.

To learn more about sclerotherapy from Vascular Surgery Associates, contact us today! Our office serves Orange Park, Florida.