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Vascular Surgery in Orange Park FL

Innovations in medicine and technology now make vascular surgery more accessible than ever! If you want to rid yourself of the appearance of unsightly veins, the caring staff at our vascular surgery practice can help.

What Is a Vascular Surgeon?

A vascular surgeon is a doctor that specializes in treating the network of veins and arteries known as the vascular system. Vascular surgeon Dr. Kerry Rifkin has been assisting patients with a wide range of vascular issues for more than 25 years. This kind of professional experience has provided our vascular surgeon with the perfect balance of personal and professional interest in the problems you face. If you are looking for a vascular surgeon that can produce the results you want and deserve, you can count on the staff at our practice.
Kerry Rifkin, MD - Vascular Surgery in Orange Park FL
Kerry Rifkin, MD
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Common Vein Problems We See

Over our years in practice, we have seen and treated a number of vascular issues. If you have noticed a change in some of your veins that affects their appearance or even causes pain, you need to seek the help of medical professionals. Some of the more common vein problems our patients experience include:

 Darkening Red or Pink "Spider" Veins
 Bluish Veins That Look Similar to a Bruise
 Inflammation & Enlarging of the Veins

 Fan Shape of Darkening Veins on the Ankle or Foot
 Throbbing Pain Related to Veins

Offering Total Spider Vein Removal

Also known in the industry as sclerotherapy, our spider vein removal process involves the use of lasers to break up and coagulate the small amounts of visible blood with their heat. Your body soon reabsorbs the blood and the veins disappear. This laser vein treatment works in two to three treatment sessions and completely removes the presence of all spider veins from your face and legs.
Your Local Source for Ambulatory Phlebectomy
Reduce the symptoms that are associated with varicose veins with the ambulatory phlebectomy options at our office. The pain-free process takes anywhere from two to four hours to complete, and you remain under an anesthetic the entire time. With our ambulatory phlebectomy service, you never have to see the inside of a hospital because we perform everything inside our own office.
Vascular Surgery Office with 25 Years of Experience
At our vascular surgery office, we are committed to serving the needs of our patients. Whether you need to make a same-day appointment or you simply want to know more about your diagnosis, our vascular surgery office does everything in our power to provide personalized care and services to each patient. We work one-on-one with you to develop a treatment that will work best for your problems as well as your lifestyle.
Want to learn more about our surgical practice? Fill out our convenient contact form or call us and set up a consultation at our office. We proudly serve patients from Orange Park, Florida.